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Inspector at the Island Traffic Authority (ITA), Clive McDonald, has said that the ITA is seeing increasing levels of compliance among truck and trailer drivers, since the company launched a campaign in December to clamp down on overladen trucks on the nation’s roads.
“We started out with a compliance rate of 46 per cent (in December) and in May the compliance rate went as high as 83 per cent. In June where we checked 205 vehicles, the compliance rate was 92 per cent,” Mr. McDonald said.
Highlighting the steady increase in compliance, he pointed to reports which showed an 81 per cent rate of compliance during April. Of the 337 inspections, which consisted of 244 trucks and 93 trailers, 194 or 80 per cent of the trucks checked were within the prescribed weight limits and 50 or 20 per cent were overweight. Seventy eight or 84 per cent of the trailers were weight compliant and 15 were overweight.
In May compliance increased to 83 per cent. There were 222 inspections, consisting of 135 trucks and 87 trailers. Of the 135 trucks screened and weighed, 109 or 81 per cent were within the prescribed weight limit and 26 were overweight. Eighty seven per cent or 76 out of 87 trailers stopped and weighed were within range. Only 11 were overweight.
In June, there was an even higher increase in compliance, which rose to 92 per cent.
“A total of 205 inspections were conducted on trucks and trailers. One hundred and ninety were compliant and 15 were overweight. Of the 146 trucks inspected, 137 were compliant and nine were overweight. Forty four trailers were inspected,” the ITA Inspector reported.
The rate of compliance decreased in July, however, rounding off at 63 per cent. A total of 323 inspections were conducted – 233 trucks and 90 trailers. One hundred and twenty three trucks were compliant, 110 were overweight while 81 trailers were compliant and nine were overweight.
The ITA Inspector is therefore encouraging haulage contractors to operate within the established weight limits, so as to prevent excessive damage to the nation’s roadways.
He noted that the ITA Weight Enforcement Team intends to widen their coverage of the island, as due to resource limitations, the team has not yet visited St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland. He hopes to cover these parishes within the next three months.
He however informed that plans are afoot to purchase two additional scales. A permanent Weigh Station is also under construction in Harbour View, which should result in increased numbers of inspections and prosecutions.

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