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“Valuable Pathways”, the Values and Attitudes Manual, which was developed by the Heart Trust/NTA and launched on November 25, last year, will be introduced to all Technical High Schools beginning this academic year.
Speaking with JIS News, Director of the Technical High Schools Development Project (THSDP), Loveda Jones, pointed out that the Ministry of Education and Youth would be introducing the manual in all schools across the island eventually, but the Technical High schools would, “blaze the trail”.
She explained that already, a two-day retreat, training and brainstorming session for all guidance counsellors of technical high schools and some high schools have been completed, in order to allow for the smooth implementation of the programme.
“Some of the values, attitudes and behaviours that we held fast to, when we were younger, are eroding and persons no longer know how to talk things over in a polite amicable way. Some persons have lost the idea of being honest and responsible, and so we are going to be paying attention to not only the occupational and the academic, but the attitudinal aspect of students,” she explained.
Continuing, the Director said that the Values and Attitudes Committee, along with the Technical High Schools Development Project, would endeavour to reach higher standards in returning the nation to the positive morals that once characterized the country.
The Valuable Pathways Manual is a project of the HEART Trust/NTA, in association with the National Campaign on Values and Attitudes and the Technical High Schools Development Project. It is designed to assist students, parents and school staff to demonstrate appropriate values and attitudes in their speech, dress code and overall conduct.
Some 700 copies of the manual have been produced for distribution to secondary schools.

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