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When the Vale Royal talks with the opposition resume next week Wednesday (January 30) , one of the first issues to be discussed will be the resuscitation of the Partnership for Progress programme.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding said the programme, which has been a subject of dialogue for a considerable time will involve the government, private sector, and the trade unions. Mr Golding said he intends to invite the opposition to become part of that process and to come in on the ground floor so that they can help in developing the consensus that will emerge.
He was speaking at Wednesday’s ( Jan 23) post-Cabinet media briefing held at Jamaica House, where he outlined a number of decisions taken at last weekend’s Cabinet retreat. Mr Golding disclosed that following consultations with the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and as a follow up to the recent National Summit held in Montego Bay, a Monitoring Committee chaired by Minister of Industry, Karl Samuda, has been appointed.
The committee will consist of other public sector representatives, including Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance, Don Wehby, Cabinet Secretary, Dr Carlton Davies and Robert Gregory from Jamaica Trade and Invest while Mark Myers from the Chamber of Commerce and Sandra Glasgow Executive Director of the PSOJ, will represent the private sector.
The committee will have its first meeting next week Tuesday at which time the Prime Minister says he will give it his own charge and leave it under the Chairman to determine the frequency of meetings and to review the scope of work.
Mr Golding disclosed that the Office of the Prime Minister is undergoing restructuring, redirection and that the planning functions have been transferred from the Ministry of Finance to the OPM.
He said the OPM has now taken on functions relating to development and planning which were previously with the Cabinet Office. With these changes a decision was taken at the retreat to second Deputy President of Jamaica Trade and Invest, Mrs Sancia Bennett-Templer to the OPM where she will be the Chief Technical Director in the Planning and Development division of the OPM. She will have the responsibility for providing the executive direction to comply with the issues of agreement which came out of the Montego Bay summit, in addition to other areas of development which she has assumed in that department.

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