UTech Sets up Principal’s Office in Trelawny

The University of Technology (UTech) has set up a principal's office in the town of Falmouth, Trelawny as it awaits government’s approval to begin building its western Jamaica campus in the town.

Come July 1, the principal of UTech's western campus will operate from the Baptist manse, located at 9 Trelawny Drive in the parish capital. All the activities of the university in western Jamaica, including development projects, will be coordinated from that location.

"On July 1, we will be taking over the keys and building of the Baptist manse in the heart of Falmouth. It’s a heritage building so you see where we are going. We want to be part of the future of this country and of Falmouth in particular,” said UTech President, Professor the Hon. Errol Morrison.

He was speaking to journalists yesterday (May 10) during a tour of the university’s facilities at the Trelawny Stadium in Greenfield, shortly after addressing a meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council.

UTech now occupies a section of the stadium, and plans to build out lands to the north and south of the facility, as soon as it receives the nod from the government.  It also operates a satellite campus in Montego Bay while another is being constructed at Holland Estates, a few kilometers from Falmouth.

“We trust that we will get the nod now to move on it, because we have identified how we can fund it without impacting on the government’s resources,” Professor Morrison said.

He said his presentation at the council meeting was to bring the new administration up-to-date on the project.

During his address to the councillors, Professor Morrison said the move to establish the principal’s office in Falmouth is an indication of the university’s commitment to establishing a campus in the town.

Safety and proximity to ports were mentioned as key reasons for the selection of Falmouth for the headquarters of the western campus, with factors such as tourism, also working in favour of the area.

Professor Morrison explained that the university’s activities in Trelawny will not negatively affect its operations in Montego Bay, as the overall plan is for the campus in the second city to serve a satellite location.

"We will then see a university in the west having three campuses mainly- in Mo’ Bay, Holland Estate and (the Falmouth) campus – so it is a multi-campus university," he stated.

Meanwhile, all the councillors in the Trelawny Parish Council, expressed their full support for the project, and pledged to assist in making it a reality.

UTech offers pre-university courses at its Trelawny Stadium facility, with more than 100 students on roll.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter

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