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  • Western campus head office opened at the renovated Baptist Manse in Falmouth, Trelawny
  • Part of efforts to position Falmouth as a ‘university town’
  • The western campus has approximately 1,000 students

The University of Technology (UTech) has opened its western campus head office at the renovated Baptist Manse in Falmouth, Trelawny.

The opening, which took place on August 22, forms part of strategic efforts by the institution and stakeholders in Trelawny to streamline Falmouth’s development and position it as a ‘university town’.

Speaking at the ceremony, Acting Principal of the campus, Professor Geraldine Hodelin, said further development of Falmouth will take place once the residents fully avail themselves of UTech’s training programmes and opportunities.

“It is my intention to create a UTECH Oasis in the west; and so the re-purposing work will bear that out. The western campus has approximately 1,000 students and growing. Our nursing, business, law, education, and science students have been forerunners for their programmes in the west. Soon we will add computing as well as increase the availability of graduate level programmes that will join our Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme, currently offered in Montego Bay”, Professor Hodelin pointed out.

In his remarks, Falmouth’s Mayor, Councillor Garth Wilkinson, recounted various developmental projects undertaken in the town, pointing out that these have now been complemented by UTech’s input.

“The University of Technology is world renowned as a sporting/ training headquarters, as its athletes have mined many gold medals and carried Jamaica’s flag with pride. UTech is, however, not just about sports because the institution has developed the minds of our citizens to reach their goals,” he said.

Councillor Wilkinson said the Trelawny Parish Council and the citizens of the parish welcomed UTech’s decision to establish its western campus headquarters in Falmouth, adding that it reflects the institution’s commitment to assist in enhancing the town’s development.

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