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The Universal Service Fund (USF) says it intends to establish more Internet centres, in addition to public Wi-Fi hotspots, across the island.

“In addition to the public Wi-Fi hotspots, we are still providing connectivity through our community computer labs. We have computer labs in St. James, St. Andrew, Kingston, St. Ann and Portland that will be rolled out in short order, and these labs will join the network of over 300 labs,” Marketing and Public Relations Manager, USF, Deleen Powell, told JIS News.

The USF is the arm of Government mandated to ensure that there is universal access to the Internet.

“Ultimately, we want Jamaica to become a connective society, so we have a number of projects we are undertaking to achieve this, including the addition of several new community computer labs,” Ms. Powell shared.

She said the USF is aware of the importance of being connected to the Internet, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We are providing Internet connectivity to persons who have their own devices through public Internet hotspots as well as persons who don’t have their own devices or may need to use a computer for the completion of projects through community Internet centres. Now more than ever, Jamaicans are utilising the Internet and we want to ensure that we help to provide public access to this resource,” Ms Powell highlighted.

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