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The Universal Service Fund is encouraging citizens to adhere to the Government coronavirus (COVID-19) infection-prevention safeguards and protocols when using the entity’s public Internet facilities.

“We provide… services for persons to edify themselves and connect to the resources of the Internet. However, we want them to use these public Internet facilities in accordance with the regulations set out by the Government to contain the spread of the coronavirus,” Marketing and Public Relations Manager, USF, Deleen Powell, told JIS News.

She explained that the USF’s role is not only to provide universal Internet access across Jamaica but also to ensure that persons take full advantage of the resources provided by the Government.

“We establish these Wi-Fi hotspots in high-traffic areas so persons can access [them] as they go about their daily lives. However, given the current pandemic, we want persons be mindful and observe [physical] distancing, wear a mask in public and sanitise while utilising public Internet facilities,” she said

Ms. Powell advised that the USF is looking to increase the number of free Wi-Fi zones as part of a drive to facilitate greater Internet access for Jamaicans.

The entity has, over the years, established more than 300 community access points (CAP) to bring information and communications technology (ICT) to underserved areas in Jamaica.

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