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Minister with responsibility for Information and Telecommunications, Daryl Vaz, has called on the cable and satellite programming service provider, HBO Latin America Group to use more Caribbean content in their programming.
He said: “The Caribbean is universally accepted as having extremely talented and creative people reflected in our dance, our music and other areas of artistic expression. The challenge that I would make to HBO is that they join with producers in the region to showcase this talent to international audiences. I believe that this could provide rich content for HBO’s global cable market. This is something that the Government of Jamaica would be more than willing to collaborate with HBO in developing,”
The Minister’s statement was read by Principal Director for Information and Technology, Jo-Anne Archibald at the announcement of the agreement between subscriber television (cable) operator Flow and HBO at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston yesterday (January 18). This agreement paves the way for other cable companies to obtain English language content from HBO.
Minister Vaz noted that the broadcast agreement would benefit the local cable industry. “We congratulate FLOW and HBO on reaching an agreement that gives all 39 cable operators in Jamaica the opportunity to enter into formal agreements with HBO to re-sell their content”.
“We naturally anticipate that they will make their individual agreements with HBO in the following weeks and months. We also congratulate HBO for taking the steps necessary to clear the content for broadcast here in Jamaica and are confident that their investment in the English-speaking Caribbean, a region with a powerful and positive international presence, will be of immense value to their brand”, Mr Vaz concluded.

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