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The National Works Agency (NWA) is advising motorists who use the Mandela Highway to travel to parishes west of Kingston such as Clarendon and St. Catherine to use alternative routes where possible in order to reduce their travel time.

According to Communication and Customer Services Manager at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, westbound traffic may encounter significant delays during drive time hours due to the impact of flooding on a section of the roadway.

Mr. Shaw explains that flooding in the Plantation Heights community has channeled a considerable volume of water to a newly-constructed sub-surface drain along the affected section of the roadway but despite the NWA’s best effort to prevent overflows onto the road surface, water has seeped beneath the fill and is impacting the roadway.

He says this particular section of the westbound lane is prone to flooding.

The NWA began repairs to some sections along the corridor today to improve driving comfort but these activities were hampered by afternoon rainfall.

While the agency continues patching and flood control works motorists are being encouraged to use the Portmore Toll Road or the Sligoville Road when heading out of Kingston later this evening.

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