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United States (US) Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency Luis Moreno is lauding the strong relationship which exists between both countries.

Delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony of the 16th staging of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Expo, Ambassador Moreno stated that Jamaica welcomes an average of over three million Americans annually for trade and tourism purposes.

“This city and this region are bursting with opportunities and chances. Jamaica in ….in general receives more US citizens…than any other country in the Caribbean. By our latest count, 2.5 million Americans travel to Jamaica per year for tourism and or other things…and another 500,000 come off cruise ships, so that’s a total of 3-million people”, Ambassador Moreno said.

The Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Expo was held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre on October 9.

Ambassador Moreno added that while most of the benefit may seem to come from tourism, there are on-going efforts to have Americans tap into the tremendous business opportunities which are available in Jamaica.

“A lot of these people come as tourists, but we want them to be more than tourists-we want to have businessmen, we want to have investors. Tourists are good, tourists are great for the economy here in Montego Bay and throughout Jamaica…but we want businessmen as well,” he stated.

He added that one of his top goals as the Ambassador to Jamaica is to increase US investment and trade with Jamaica.

He pointed out that under the Caribbean Basin Initiative, (CBI), 85 per cent of Jamaica’s export to the US are duty free and is urging more Jamaican exporters to take advantage of the trade opportunities that are available through that agreement.

The Expo which has as its theme “inspire, create, next generation”, seeks to expose new and existing manufacturers and retailers to the public. It is the largest trade show to be held outside the corporate area.

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