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Customers who visit the offices of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service in Kingston will now benefit from a fully renovated lobby.

The lobby, which was refurbished as part of the Government’s overall Service Excellence Programme, now boasts disability friendly restrooms, and an air-conditioned waiting area with refreshments available for customers.

Director of Customer Service at the Ministry, Rory Stennett, told JIS News that the changes were made to the lobby after careful analysis of the most essential needs of customers while they conducted business at the Ministry.

“The Customer Service Improvement team partnered with a number of teams within the Ministry to decide on the design that would make sense for most of our customers. We carefully observed over the period of a few months what customers were doing, what were their most frequent transactions and what services made sense to operate from the lobby, versus the ones that we could send customers through,” Mr. Stennett noted.

The Ministry then began working on a design that was tailored for pensioners, bearers and persons delivering packages, scholarship applicants, persons attending meetings and negotiations, interviews and regular transitional persons who would pass through the lobby.

“Some of the big highlights are the entire lobby is air-conditioned, and we have adequate and comfortable seating for all of our customers; refreshments are provided to customers, and you don’t need to exit the lobby to use the bathroom. It’s all in there; we have baby-changing stations as well. So, if you have a young one, and you’re here to do business with the Ministry and there’s an emergency, there’s a place you can go specifically for that,” Mr. Stennett explained.

“We’ve put our Pensions Client Relations Team front and centre, because we still do several services for government pensioners. They can now have full direct access. We’ve also ensured that if you’re a bearer or delivering a package, you don’t need to spend more than two minutes in the lobby, you come in, you have a dedicated desk, and you leave. We’re continuing our enhancements by putting in some TVs and magazine stands, so people can see more things about the Ministry,” he added.

The Customer Service Director also noted that the Ministry will be staging tailor-made live shows that can be seen by persons waiting in the lobby.

“While they’re waiting, they can see and hear all the wonderful things the Ministry is doing. We’re very proud about it. The design is also quite unique to the Ministry. We’re using some interesting artefacts in there and if a customer can stop by, I think most persons who visit are quite surprised that this is the same Ministry that they’ve been coming to for years and how much it has changed,” Mr. Stennett said.


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