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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide for greater standardisation in the assessment and accreditation of engineering programmes, was signed today (Oct.1) between the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) and the Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB).
Chairman of the Engineering Accreditation Committee at PERB, Garth Kiddoe, speaking at the signing ceremony held at the UCJ’s office on Oxford Road in Kingston, said that the “agreement is long in coming”.
“We have been in discussions with the UCJ for a number of years. The MoU seeks to create efficiencies in the way both organisations carry out their mandate under their respective Acts,” he stated.
He noted that “it would be inefficient and expensive to an institution being accredited to have two teams doing almost the same thing at different times so we have been in discussions as to how to synchronise the effort whilst still respecting the responsibilities of both entities.”
As stated in the MoU, both parties will co-operate where applicable in the formulation of the criteria and documentation to be utilised in the assessment of the relevant institutions and programmes; develop mutually acceptable application forms and procedures; and process recognition or accreditation requests.

Executive Director, University Council of Jamaica, Dr. Ethley London (left) and Chairman, Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB) Grace Ashley (right) sign copies of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which will provide for greater standardisation in the assessment and accreditation of engineering programmes. Looking on at centre is Chairman, University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), Dr. Lloyd Barnett. The signing ceremony was held today (Oct. 1) at the UCJ’s office on Oxford Road.

Also, PERB and UCJ will appoint joint teams to carry out accreditation investigations and to visit institutions to assess their standards; and where practicable, a joint evaluation committee will make recommendations to the respective boards for final approval.
In his remarks, Chairman of the UCJ, Dr. Lloyd Barnett, expressed the hope that the same spirit of co-operation that inspired the formation of the MoU, will inform future activities with both organisations.
“We feel confident that this will be for the benefit of the tertiary programme in Jamaica as well as specifically for the engineering profession and we are very happy to be a part of this co-operative endeavour,” Dr. Barnett said.
PERB, which operates under the Professional Engineers Registration Act of 1987, has responsibility for the registration of professional engineers and for regulating the practice of engineering in Jamaica.
Established by the University Council of Jamaica Act of October 1987, the UCJ aims to increase the availability of university-level training in Jamaica, through accreditation of institutions, courses and programmes for recognition and acceptability.

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