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Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness says the Principal and Vice Principal at the St. Elizabeth based Balaclava High School, are working together, and that teachers at the institution have committed to ensure that stability is maintained at the school.

The Minister went to the school on March 4, on fact-finding visit to ascertain the level of progress, after concerns were raised over the appointment of a new principal.

“My impression is that the school is trying to repair any breaches that may have occurred during the industrial action at the school. The Principal and Vice Principal have assured me that they are working together,” the Minister told journalists after meeting with teachers and leaders at the school.

He said the possible breach of the Education Act by teachers at the school will be referred to the Teacher Services Commission (TSC), for them to review and where necessary, take action.

“We have a duty, we have an obligation to ensure that where such breaches occur, that they are addressed. Because, if they are left without being dealt with, we could have difficulties in the future appointment of Principals. There is a duty that we must do to protect the integrity of the system,” he emphasised.

Mr. Holness said the Ministry will be in charge of the governance of the institution until a new Board is put in place. “There are improvements in the academic performance, there are concerns in relation to behaviour, and we intend to support the school in terms of behaviour management. The school has space to accommodate more classrooms, and I have given a commitment for six classrooms, which they will have in the next financial year,” he said.

“The Ministry of Education is committed to supporting the school, and we have confidence in the teaching staff that they will do their best to improve the quality of education that is given at the school,” he said.