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Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, the United Way of Jamaica provided some $3.8 million to assist a number of institutions in Manchester with their recovery efforts.
To get a first hand view of how the funds were spent and to maintain its accountability record, Executive members of the organisation visited sites in the parish on May 3.
At the first stop at the New Broughton United Church, Allocations Chairman, Carlton Stephens said he was quite happy with the work carried out at the location.
He pointed out that there was a lot of damage in the country after the hurricane, particularly in the agricultural sector. “We started a fund-raising effort with $2 million and through the efforts of partners such as National Commercial Bank, which gave $100 million towards the venture; Desnoes and Geddes, which gave $25 million; Digicel, $50 million and many others, we managed to raise some $293 million to start our intervention,” he said.
Mr. Stephens explained that $1 million was earmarked to help with rebuilding of the sanctuary at the church.
“We are happy to have partnered with them and looking on, we are very pleased with the progress they have made,” he said.
The four other institutions visited by the United Way team included, Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, where $853,000 was spent to rehabilitate the roof and farm; Manchester High School, where $1.5 million was spent to rebuild the perimeter wall; Mandeville Craft Institute, $119,000 for roof repair and New Hope Children’s Home, which received $318,000 for roof repair.

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