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Children’s Advocate, Mary Clarke, has said that underage girls, who willingly consent to sexual acts, should be held just as accountable as their young male counterparts, under the sexual offences legislation.
“We must today hold our young girls accountable for their behaviour,” Mrs. Clarke said at yesterday’s (May 16) award ceremony for fathers put on by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Early Stimulation Programme at the St. Paul’s United Church in Kingston.She pointed out that while some underage boys, who engage in sexual activities with these girls are arrested, the girls walk free.
“Where the activity is forced, punish the men. It is a violation of somebody’s human rights and somebody’s body,” she said. “But should those who have given consent, who have been part of the act go free; I want us to think about that,” she urged the gathering.
The Children’s Advocate further called on society not to condemn young girls, who have been captured on cellular phones in sexual sets, adding that many of these girls are forced to leave school because of the negative reactions.
She further pointed to the need for proper family planning, noting that one of the main reasons the society is having so many problems with the youth is because of unplanned parenting. “They (parents) are having children they didn’t plan for, children they don’t want, children they can’t afford, and children they don’t love and know how to care for. and that is one of the bases for the problems that we are having with our children today,” she stated.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Clarke commended fathers and grandfathers for the love and dedication they have shown to their children with disabilities.
“Any man can father a child biologically, but it takes a real man to be a parent and it takes a bigger man to be a parent of a child with special needs and to parent that child. Men who are caring for and protecting their children, ought to be commended,” she said.

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