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The Umbrella Organization representing some local churches issued the following statement on Wednesday (May 19), regarding the Prime Minister’s response to their call last week for his resignation:
“We, the Umbrella Organizations, representing over 70% of Church membership in Jamaica and accounting for several hundreds of thousands of persons, having read the text of the Prime Minister’s statement, respect that he has chosen not to resign as we had requested.
“The call for him to resign was seen as a basis for the rebuilding of trust in our political leadership. We commend the action to move on the extradition request for Mr. Christopher Coke, which we had stated is at the heart of the matter. We also accept the Prime Minister’s expression of contrition.
“We do hope, however, that the Prime Minister and his Advisors would have taken into consideration the following, among other things:
1. Precedence – How will this now be a bench-mark for further transgressions of public officials?2. Trust – The Office of the Prime Minister presupposes trust and credibility. 3. The Jamaica Labour Party – Given the dissonance between the response from Senior Party Officials and the Prime Minister there seems to be the need for a harmonious position.
We wish to reaffirm our commitment to continue playing our part in advancing the welfare of our beloved country. To this end, we will redouble our efforts in holding our Prime Minister, Government, Opposition and public officials to the highest standard of accountability and probity that is required.
e note especially the Prime Minister’s expression of a commitment to new governance and to address the connectedness between organized crime and politics.
Dr. Paul GardenerJamaica Council of Churches
Rev. Lenworth AnglinChurch of God in Jamaica
Rev. Rennard WhiteJamaica Association of Evangelicals
Bishop Rohan EdwardsJamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches
Bishop Colville WebbJamaica Pentecostal Union

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