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Jamaicans and other non-European Union (EU) workers will be affected by new changes to the United Kingdom’s immigration policy now going through the British Parliament. The changes will see the introduction of points based system that will make it much harder for low skilled workers from outside of the European Union to settle in the UK. In addition, stricter rules on work permits for entertainers are being introduced. Under the new rules, artists and entertainers will no longer be able to enter Britain on a “group” work permit. At present, non-EU touring entertainers or performing groups can use one temporary work permit issued through a centre in Sheffield.

Under changes proposed by the Home Office, any person wishing to travel to Britain as part of a touring or theatre group will have to make an individual application at a British consulate in their home country. Each member of a party will also have to supply details of a sponsor from an approved list, and each case will be assessed individually. Those with criminal records could be barred.
At present, overseas groups pay a flat fee of

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