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High Commissioner to London, Anthony Johnson, is urging United Kingdom (UK)-based Jamaicans to get more involved in operating their own businesses.
The High Commissioner pointed out that while the Jamaican community has excelled in academia, sports, music and religious affairs, it needs to also make its mark in the area of commerce.
“The Jamaican community in the United Kingdom has been part of the mainstream and is involved and engaged in every aspect of the society. However, we need to be involved to a greater extent in mainstream businesses,” Mr. Johnson said.
He was speaking at Jamaica House in Leeds, headquarters of the Jamaica Society Leeds, during a visit to the northern city last weekend.
The High Commissioner contended that control of businesses would allow for the importation of Jamaican goods by Jamaicans, who had a better understanding of the marketplace. In addition, he said, the community would be able to create jobs for its own people.
“We need to get involved in business. This is how all of the other minorities in Britain have been able to succeed. Business is where the money is and for the community to grow, it must be involved in that aspect as well,” he stated.
He further encouraged the Jamaican nationals to not only send money home to help relatives but to also invest in their homeland.
The High Commissioner also congratulated the Jamaica Society Leeds on its acquisition of one of the largest and best equipped premises owned by a Jamaican Diaspora organisation.
The High Commissioner, while in Leeds, also participated in the Jamaica Society Leeds’ annual banquet and gala.

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