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The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) continues in its quest to keep the Trelawny community, in general, and the Falmouth community, in particular, fully aware of the developments slated to take place in the town of Falmouth, through continued consultations and joint planning meetings with residents.
The latest Falmouth Stakeholders Consultation and Planning Meeting was held at the Breezes Resort and Spa, Falmouth, on Thursday (August 26).
Deputy General Manager responsible for Economic Development and Corporate Relations at the UDC, Lenworth Tracey, told JIS News that, as the consultations continue, the UDC is pushing to get more specific in terms of precise actions and works to be done, to fast track the transformation of the community.
With the first cruise ship expected at the new Falmouth Pier in November, Mr. Tracey explained that the UDC, in collaboration with over 15 other agencies it is working with, is moving from the planning to the implementation stage of the improvements within Falmouth.
“As we go into implementation, we want to make sure that the thoughts and the plans are coming from the community, he stated.
He described the level of participation as “extremely good at all levels”, adding that there has been an excellent mix of ideas and concerns, with very good all round feedback.
“There have been some real concerns and it is our responsibility, as planners and as part of the planning team which involves the Trelawny Parish Council and various other government agencies, to make sure that we continue the process of communication and sensitization and every concern is valuable,” he stated.

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