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The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), will celebrate its Fifth Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education Week, February 2 to 6.
Senior Accreditation Officer at the UCJ, Grace Gordon, made the disclosure during an interview with JIS News on Wednesday, (January 28).
Ms. Gordon pointed out that the theme highlighted the importance of quality tertiary education.
“It has to be responsive to the needs of the global environment and, in all that we do, quality is important,” she explained.
She said that during quality assurance week, a concerted effort will be made to heighten the public’s awareness of the UCJ, and its role and functions as Jamaica’s quality assurance body, and the importance of quality in tertiary education. Ms. Gordon advised that there are two steps in the quality assurance process.
“There are two main steps in our quality assurance process: registration of institutions; and accreditation of programmes. Our mandate is to ensure quality in our tertiary institutions and programmes, which is important in order to bring recognition and acceptance locally, regionally, and internationally,” she added.
The week-long activities will feature a launch on February 2, at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston. This will be followed by a seminar for Assessors of Institutions and Tertiary Education Programmes, on February 3.
According to Ms. Gordon, the assessors’ seminar is for persons who are employed to the UCJ as evaluators. “There will be special training for them at the Technology Innovation Centre, University of Technology (UTech),” she said.
The final activity for the week will be a workshop for institutions, under the theme, ‘Quality Issues in Evaluating Curriculum’, on February 4. Institutions are being asked to send representatives to participate in the workshop.
Guest speaker for the quality assurance events will be John Randal, former head of the Quality Assurance Body for Higher Education in the United Kingdom. He is currently an international consultant in quality assurance in tertiary education.
The UCJ is the quality assurance body for tertiary education in Jamaica. It was established by an Act of Parliament, the University Council of Jamaica Act (1987), with a mandate to ensure standards and quality in tertiary education in Jamaica.

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