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Two projects, aimed at bringing about an increase in attendance at the Beecham Primary School in St. Mary, are in progress at the institution, with support from the Ministry of Education and the Jamaica 4-H Clubs.
The projects are a pig rearing venture and a computer technology programme, which have been implemented as part of a policy initiative being driven by the Ministry of Education to address the problem of low attendance affecting some of the island’s primary schools.
A total of $200,000 was donated by the Ministry of Education towards the establishment of the projects, while $180,000 was given by the Jamaica 4-H Clubs.
The computer technology project is aimed at arousing the interest of students, which should result in increased attendance, while the pig rearing project is expected to generate income, in order to provide financial assistance for needy students at the school.
Both projects were launched at a ceremony at the school on November 23, which was attended by a wide cross section of persons, including members of the school fraternity, representatives of the business community and the University of the West Indies School of Education.
Special guests at the function were Dr. Susan Henderson and Miss Jenny Jones of the University of the West Indies School of Education. They gave an overview of the Ministry of Education’s National School Attendance Programme, and reported on the progress being made by the initiative in the schools in which it has already been implemented.
Keynote speaker was the Ministry of Education’s Territorial Education Officer for Western St. Mary, Mrs. Maureen Cunningham.
She congratulated the school for conceptualising the projects and encouraged the students to aim at success by developing high self esteem and endeavouring to do their home work, attend school regularly and involve themselves in extra curricular activities. She also challenged the parents to become mentors for their children and exhorted them to always ensure that they embrace proper values and attitudes.
Turning to the wider community, Mrs. Cunningham called on the members to give their full support to the school and encouraged them to view it as their own and ensure that it is protected.
She challenged the teachers of the school to continue to play their part in nurturing the lives of the students by maintaining good pupil-teacher relationships, making lessons interesting and establishing a proper channel of communication between themselves and the students.
During the function, seven members of the school’s Parent Teachers Association were presented with Certificates of Appreciation for the support they have given to the institution over the years. Those honoured were Mrs. Zenlyn Bariffe, Mrs. Georgett Bariffe, Mrs. Novelet Riley, Mr. Huddel Stubbs, Mrs. Gail Anderson, Mrs. Jesel Condel and Mrs. Lorain Burford.

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