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The Jamaica National Children’s Home in Kingston and the Riverside Open Bible Outreach Centre in Montego Bay, will benefit from the proceeds of a fundraising event organised by the Canada-based Jamaica Foundation of Hamilton.
The Jamaica Night event, held on Saturday (May 1) at the Church of the Resurrection Anglican Church Hall in Hamilton, featured folk songs and dances by the Guava Tree Theatre Group, Ms. Lou poetry from Evelyn Myrie, and a delectable Jamaican cuisine.
“Apart from the fundraising efforts, Jamaica Night is intended to bring out mainstream Jamaican/Canadians to a function that is not formal but allows them to express themselves and to have a linkage with the Jamaican feel,” said President of the organisation, Bill DeLisser.
He said the National Children’s Home, which cares for underprivileged and challenged youth, has been the beneficiary of the group’s fundraising efforts for sometime now and members have visited the facility.
The Outreach Centre in Montego Bay was recently added as a beneficiary and the assistance will boost the centre’s skills training, which primarily targets young girls.
Mr. DeLisser said that the members hope to visit Jamaica in February or March of next year “to do some physical work at both places.”
The Jamaica Foundation of Hamilton was established in 1988 in response to the devastation to the island caused by Hurricane Gilbert. Since then, the organisation has responded to disasters in the island and has assisted Jamaicans living in the Diaspora.
Hamilton is approximately 85 kilometres from Toronto and has a thriving Caribbean community.

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