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Judges Hazel Eleanor Harris and Martin Luther Gayle have been appointed Judge of the Appeal Court and Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, respectively. They were sworn in today (November 29) by Governor-General, His Excellency Sir Howard Cooke at King’s House.
Mr. Harris will replace Justice Paul Harrison, who was appointed President of the Court of Appeal earlier this month, while Mr. Gayle will be taking a step up from Resident Magistrate for the Corporate Area.

Governor General, His Excellency Sir Howard Cooke (right), presents Justice Martin Luther Gayle with the instrument of appointment as Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court at King’s House today (Nov. 29). Justice Hazel Eleanor Harris was also sworn in as Judge of the Appeal Court.

In his remarks, Sir Howard congratulated the Judges and charged them to use their new posts to carry on their outstanding work in the field of law. “We congratulate you and I am sure both of you will continue to do a good job,” the Governor-General added.
Congratulating the judges on their new appointments, Justice Harrison urged them to continue to allow the law to be their master while they served the people of Jamaica.
“Acquit yourselves with strength, courage and politeness as these are the hallmarks of a good career and I trust that you will have very successful sojourns,” he said.
Replying, Justice Harris said they were honoured to be promoted, and acknowledged the great responsibilities which their new posts would bring.
“We are honoured at the privilege of being appointed and we both acknowledge the great responsibility that has been placed upon us, but we assure you that we will endeavour to do our best,” she said.