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Twelve contracts for the repair of roads damaged by Tropical Storm Gustav, and for the rehabilitation of gullies, in sections of the island, were signed today (November 25), by the Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, at the Ministry, in Kingston.
In the Corporate Area, work will be undertaken from Olympic Way to Waltham Park Road, at a cost of $95.4 million; Upper Benson/Shortwood Drive/Cassava Piece, $71.6 million; McGregor Gully/Langston Road, $74.8 million; Shoemaker Gully/Eastwood Park/Waltham Park Road, $82 million; Liguanea Preparatory/Washington Close/Waterloo Road Ford, $ 87.1 million; Red Hills Boulevard, $22.7 million; Graham Close, Cherry Gardens, $16. 2 million; Tivoli Gully (Spanish Town Road to Marcus Garvey Drive), $28 million; and Skyline Drive, $24 million.
For the rural area, work will be carried out on the road at Nine Turns, Clarendon, at a cost of $25.5 million; Mispah to Allison in Manchester, $27.5 million; and Bombie to Allison to Cobbla, in Manchester, $28.9 million.
“We have targeted the most significant areas of infrastructural need across the country, for rehabilitation,” Mr. Henry said, pointing out that the programme has been augmented by other existing programmes, to help to significantly restore much of the damaged infrastructure.
The Minister emphasised that the contractors have been charged with ensuring timely and efficient execution of the terms of the contracts, in keeping with the Ministry’s expectation.
“No shoddy work will be tolerated; nothing below the standards, which have been laid out by the Ministry will be accepted,” Mr. Henry declared.

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