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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, has called on the Jamaica 4-H Clubs to tap into the talents and skills of its members to create sustainable business ventures.
The Minister, who was addressing the annual general meeting of the clubs’ Island Advisory Council held on October 30 at the St. Matthews Anglican Church in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, said that there is a “tremendous menu of small business opportunities that you have developed within your clubs that are untapped potential.”
He cited the high quality products created by the clubbities, which are showcased at events across the island and urged the movement to look to convert these samples into commercial ventures.
“If you were able to make the conversion with even 10 per cent of what you have created in your clubs and societies into a commercial venture, you would have totally fulfilled your mandate of not only helping to develop those young minds, but also helping those young minds to be transformed into working men and women,” he stated.
The Minister challenged the leadership of the 70,000-member organisation to put its assets to work, noting that “it can be done.”
“Look strategically at partnering with entities and institutions that have expertise in areas where the 4-H movement does not,” Dr. Tufton suggested.