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As a result of the conspiracy plot publicised yesterday by the US law enforcement agencies, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago wishes the public to know that our local security forces have been co-operating with and assisting the US authorities for some considerable time now, in the exchange of information on sensitive matters of security in Trinidad and Tobago and the Region.
Having had an acute awareness of the geo-strategic importance of Trinidad and Tobago in the international security landscape, Prime Minister Patrick Manning raised the issues of security and terrorism during a meeting held with US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in Washington DC in December of 2003. Since that meeting there has been greater and accelerated co-operation between the two countries, resulting in the Attorney General making a recent public statement in Parliament on one particular matter.
Specific pro-active action was taken by our local security authorities, with the apprehension of one of the suspects at the Piarco International Airport well before any arrest was made in other jurisdictions. This was made possible due to the collaborative efforts and facilitation of local police and US law enforcement agents based right here in Trinidad and Tobago.
This is a clear demonstration of the resolve of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to act decisively and swiftly as a result of the mutual co-operation agreement with the USA.
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago condemns in the strongest possible terms, any contemplated acts of terrorism in any country and continues to iterate its support for the efforts of the Government of the United States and all other countries in apprehending persons suspected of such dastardly acts and bringing them to justice. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago will continue to co-operate with and support the Government of the United States in its indomitable determination to stamp out acts of terrorism wherever they occur.

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