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The legacy of the late Keats Hall to forest and watershed conservation and management in Jamaica is immeasurable.
Our national record of maintaining valuable woodlands useful for construction, craft, agriculture, botanical and even marine uses, as well as watershed protection, would not be as advanced without his contribution to effective forest management.
He was the first director of the, now defunct, Government agency, the Forest Industries Development Company (FIDCO), which sought to make Jamaica’s woodlands serve development while being protected.
For more than a decade, Mr. Hall’s strong technical knowledge made him a valuable member of board committees of Government agencies that impact the use of land, including the National Resources Conservation Authority and the National Wildlife Commission.
Keats Hall was also an international civil servant who served the Forest and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), an organisation of the United Nations, in South America and also in Africa. His work has had a global impact.
I offer my condolences to his family and assure them that his respect for the gifts of nature, will continue to guide decisions of Government in protecting this legacy for future generations.

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