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The Trelawny Social Development Commission (SDC) has organized an environmental contest for basic schools, as part of efforts to encourage safe environmental practices among the youngest members of society.
The contest, titled ‘South Trelawny Most Environmentally Friendly Basic Schools Competition’, will be launched in the Albert Town Square on Friday (Nov.25), with General Manager of the Trelawny Co-operative Credit Union, Winston Tomlinson, as the guest speaker.
Field Services Manager at SDC, Devon Brown, told JIS News that the competition, to be staged under the theme, ‘Healthy Environment, Healthy Minds, Healthy Future’ was aimed at promoting good environmental practices in basic schools in South Trelawny.
“This will be done through workshops for teachers and parents”, he said, adding that the specific objectives were to instill a sense of civic pride in students from an early age, to motivate and assist students, teachers and parents in maintaining a clean and healthy surrounding to promote effective learning.
“This programme will also seek to encourage students to care for and protect their schools’ facilities as well as to increase the awareness of the need to preserve our environment,” he stated.
He informed that a total of 17 basic schools would be participating in the day’s activities and that the school with the best banner at the event would be awarded a prize.
He is appealing to members of the public to come out and support this venture as the SDC sought to sensitize the entire Southern Trelawny as to the need to protect the environment.

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