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    State Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Montague, is urging Trelawny residents to participate in the development process of the parish, and strive to become good civic citizens.
    “The way forward for Trelawny is very bright with the coming of the new cruise shipping port. The people here are very excited about it and they are very active in protecting the Georgian architecture,” Minister Montague said.
    He informed that the Department of Local Government would be working assiduously to make the development possible.
    Mr. Montague was speaking at a Town Hall meeting, which was held recently at the Trelawny Parish Council.
    The meeting, which was designed to update members of the public on Local Government Reform, saw residents engaged in discussion with the Minister, the Mayor and other members of the Trelawny Parish Council as well as representatives from Government agencies, such as the National Works Agency, National Solid Waste Management Authority and the Social Development Commission, among others.
    Residents sought answers to matters that are affecting them in their communities. These concerns ranged from the poor condition of roads in some areas to the need for potable water in others.
    The State Minister, in responding to the questions raised about potable water and the rehabilitation of roads, encouraged the residents to exercise patience as the necessary steps would be taken to deal with their problems.
    He commended the Mayor, Councillor Colin Gager and his team for the work they have been doing at the Trelawny Parish Council, adding that he is also proud of the residents and pleased with the way in which they have been giving their support.
    “Trelawny is doing very well in many areas, but we are making an urgent appeal because Trelawny is holding last place in terms of property tax compliance in Jamaica and this is not a position that Trelawny is proud of,” Mr. Montague said, encouraging residents to ensure that they pay their property taxes.

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