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Commissioner of Police, Lucius Thomas has encouraged residents in Trelawny to develop lines of communication with the Police in the parish and seek to build a harmonious relationship in the fight against crime and violence.
“Trelawny has seen some social and economic advancement in recent years but this progress has come at a high price. With it has come the degeneration of certain important values, increased levels of criminality, juvenile delinquency, youth truancy and other negative features, which predominate many urban communities in Jamaica,” he said.
The Commissioner was speaking at a rap session on Thursday, September 8 at the Glistening Waters Restaurant in Trelawny. The session, which focused on the level of crime and violence in the parish, was hosted by the Trelawny business community, led by the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Thomas said the negative developments in the parish were of great concern to the Police High Command.
He noted that the crime statistics for Trelawny revealed that murders and shootings were on the increase, adding that last year there were 12 murders between January and August and that for the similar period this year, the number had increased to 20.The Commissioner also noted that the number of shootings had moved up from 15 last year to 28 this year.
“It is no secret that criminals are migrating from other police divisions where rigorous policing has caused them to flee in search of safe havens. Consequently, an influx of criminals along with the emerging drug/gun culture has led to further erosion of values, once held dearly by the residents of the parish,” he said.
He informed that the Police High Command has already initiated some changes, including the revamping of operational strategies in the division, and that a new Commander has been assigned to the parish with the expressed purpose of improving the relations between the Police and the citizenry.
“There will be an effective presence of the police on the streets of Falmouth and its environs. Under my watch, we intend to be proactive in delivering a better service to your communities. We realize that it is critical for us to join forces with you in the provision of viable solutions to the crime problem in this region,” he said.
He appealed to the residents to desist from taking the law into their own hands, as this did not augur well for the development of an equitable society based on law and order and the preservation of human rights and dignity.