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The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development continues to improve the working conditions of the island’s poor relief officers, with the handover of modern technological devices to the Trelawny Poor Relief Department on September 13.

The state-of-the-art tablets and a desktop computer were handed over by the Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, at a special sitting of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation.

According to the Minister, the devices will advance the work of the department. “The poor relief departments, in most cases, continue to work with limited resources; they lack the requisite tools to carry out their jobs and… operate in conditions that are not really conducive for the role that they play,” Mr. McKenzie said.

Meanwhile, the Minister said the Ministry will be providing the Trelawny Poor Relief Department with an additional $1 million to further assist needy persons in the parish.

“I have a passion for poor relief, and that is the reason why we will be providing the additional one million dollars to the poor relief department to assist in its normal flow, because there are times when cases do come that they need funding to assist them,” he added.

He also reiterated the Government’s commitment to poor relief, noting that $300 million is being spent to upgrade the island’s infirmaries, and equipping them with generators and other special equipment.

“We are doing a lot for poor relief. We are putting in systems to minimise the energy needs to cut down on the cost of electricity, and systems for water harvesting. So, by the end of next financial year, we will see significant changes to our infirmaries and how we deliver service under poor relief,” the Minister added.

The parish’s nine councillors were also presented with tablet computers.

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