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The Trelawny Parish Council is putting plans in place for the staging of a Mayor’s Forum in March, following the success of the inaugural event held last November.
Residents of the parish had expressed satisfaction with the amount of information presented by Local Government representatives and heads of agencies at last year’s event, which was held during Local Government Month, and there have been overwhelming requests for a repeat performance.
Mayor of Falmouth and Chairman of the Trelawny Parish Council, Colin Gager, told JIS News that the forum, which was conceived as part of the Local Government Reform process, entailed community leaders, heads of agencies and organisations, political representatives and residents coming together under one roof, to exchange ideas and outline plans for the development of the parish.
“Say for example, RADA (Rural Agricultural Development Agency) has some programmes, we would be made aware of all those programmes. If the National Works Agency has some roads to do, all of us would be knowledgeable about what is happening,” the Mayor explained.
“So, it’s really the heads of departments coming together, telling what is happening, and the people from the communities coming out to ask questions,” he further outlined.
He told JIS News, that the plan is to stage a forum every quarter in different communities throughout the parish, to ensure full participation by citizens in the Local Government process.
The initial forum was held in Falmouth and March’s event is being planned for the Albert Town Community Centre.

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