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Approximately 140 plantlets were today (September 21), handed over to the Child Development Agency (CDA), by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), in order to increase tree-planting activities across the island.
The handing over exercise formed part of activities for the observance of National Tree Planting Day and National Wood and Water Day, on October 1 and October 2, respectively.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the Glenhope Place of Safety, in Kingston, Senior Public Education and Community Outreach Officer, NEPA, Ava Tomlinson informed that the seedlings are being handed out beforehand, to ensure that the relevant agencies are in receipt and will be able to participate in the planting activities.
She noted that the CDA was chosen, based on the number of childcare facilities across the island.

Director of Programmes, Child Development Agency (CDA), Winston Bowen (right) and Environmental Officer, National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), David Reid in discussion about plantlets which were donated to the CDA by NEPA at a handing over ceremony at the Glenhope Place of Safety in Kingston on September 21. Some of the plantlets handed over include: lignum vitae, pink poui, and cedars.

“For us at NEPA, it is very important that we plant trees and nurture them, because this encourages the growth of healthy watersheds,” she said.
In addition to the seedlings handed over to the CDA, she informed that 137 seedlings will be handed over to the National Housing Trust (NHT) Environmental Clubs, and 140 to the Early Childhood Commission for distribution to as many basic schools as possible.
Environmental Officer at NEPA, David Reid, said the trees donated are very important and can be considered as the “lifeline for the watershed areas of the island.”
Some of the plantlets include: lignum vitae, pink poui and cedars.
Highlighting the importance of trees, he noted that they purify the air. “They also minimise the effects of heavy rainfall on the soil by reducing soil erosion, so they will slow down the impact of the falling droplets on the soil itself. The leaves will provide good cover for the ground,” he added.
Expressing appreciation for the seedlings, Director of Programmes at the CDA, Winston Bowen said they will be planted to contribute to environmental needs.
“We will distribute them to as many of the facilities as we possibly can. We have childcare facilities in every parish, except St. Thomas, so each parish will be presented with seedlings,” he noted, adding that the CDA has responsibility for over 61 childcare facilities.

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