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The annual Treasure Beach triathlon will be held on Sunday, May 7, beginning at 7:00 a.m.The annual triathlon is the main fundraising event of the Treasure Beach Foundation (BREDS) and all proceeds from the event will go towards the construction of a sports complex and park in the St. Elizabeth community.
Chairman of BREDS, Jason Henzell, told JIS News that the triathlon would comprise a 500-metre swim at Great Bay, a 25-kilometre mountain bike race and end with a seven-kilometre run. “Persons, who wish to participate can do so individually or as part of a group,” he said.
Mr. Henzell noted that proceeds from the annual fundraiser have helped to support community projects over the years.
“We started off with very small ventures such as the painting of the local post office, upgrading of the communications systems for fisher folks and the training of an emergency response team. Right at this point, we do have an ambulance, which we have been using to assist needy persons,” he told JIS News.
He added that, “what BREDS tries to do is to enact projects that the community articulates and that are in keeping with our commitment (and) to our founding principles of trying to safeguard our community along lines that are sustainable. so whatever we do, we make sure that we do an impact study to see the long-term implications, and this project we think is for the good of all,” he stated.
Persons wishing to participate in the triathlon may contact BREDS by calling 962-0748 or email info@breds.org.

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