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Seven contracts for the repair of roads damaged by Tropical Storm Gustav, and for the rehabilitation of gullies, in sections of the island, were signed today (Jan. 27), by the Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, at the Ministry, in Kingston.
The contracts, valued at $207 million will include works to be undertaken in St. Ann, Clarendon and the Corporate Area.
Work will be undertaken for: the construction of a box culvert along Milford Road in Ocho Rios, at a cost of $18.8 million; the construction of a box culvert at Exchange valued at $29.7 million; and rehabilitation work on Orange Park Road in the amount of $29.7 million, all in St. Ann.
In Clarendon, a random rubble wall will be constructed in the Kupius- Colonel Ridge area at a cost of $23.9 million.
For the Corporate Area, work on a reinforced concrete wall and gully is to be done in the New Haven/Shakespeare Avenue/Bunyan Crescent Gully area at a cost of $77.6 million; Perkins Boulevard to Washington Boulevard, $15.1 million; and on Grants Pen Road, for $12.4 million.
In the meantime, Minister Henry added that works in Fern Gully have also been awarded and is to begin within “the next two to three weeks.”
He added that a “…technical approach…is being taken,” to remedy the problem.
The Minister emphasised that the contractors have been charged with ensuring timely and efficient execution of the terms of the contracts, in keeping with the Ministry’s expectation.
He noted that lights are important and “we will work after hours when the traffic is not in place…and we have committed that we want 12 months work in six months…so that the work can be finished in time”.Meanwhile Member of Parliament for South East, St. Ann, Lisa Hanna, thanked the Ministry for “helping to lessen some of the pressures regarding the roads that are in many of [the] constituencies.”
“It is a small step that will go a long way in having us give persons who live in these communities a better quality of life not only for themselves but for their children, their industries and for the cars and taxis and buses that have to travel on them,” Ms. Hanna said.
Member of Parliament for North East, St. Ann, Shahine Robinson, also expressed appreciation for the works which are being undertaken.
On behalf of the contractors, Projects Manager at Alcar Construction and Haulage, Glendon Watson noted that ‘excellent work’ will be undertaken, informing that “we have expanded [our] capacity to be able to do excellent work.”

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