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Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry is urging all commuters to use the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus service.
He was speaking on Thursday (July 3) at the launch of the JUTC’s Ride and Win Summer Bling Promotion at the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre.
“I urge a mass adoption of the concept, involving our top leaders in all spheres, from political to business, to civil society, to the clergy – you name it,” said the Minister, as he shared his recent experience of using the JUTC service and his decision to do so at least once each week.
Mr. Henry said he is convinced that increased ridership on the JUTC buses augurs well for the country’s economic status. Alluding to spiralling fuel costs and ongoing efforts to reduce the country’s oil bill, he said that 52 per cent of Jamaica’s fuel intake is consumed by the transportation sector. “How about us all doing at least that to save on the country’s overall fuel bill, and perhaps most importantly, help to foster the spirit of our people through greater unity and integration at the various levels,” he reasoned.
The Minister had high commendations for commuters who consistently use the JUTC bus service and urged them to continue to do so with ‘dignity and pride.’
“Let us all continue to ride the buses and stick to the legitimate transportation service with the most affordable fees,” he encouraged current JUTC commuters, while imploring non-users to follow suit.
“Just imagine Mike Henry greeting Buju Banton on a bus, while Peter Phillips, Bishop Herro Blair and Beenie Man are on another unit, and Richie B, Ed Bartlett, Courtney Walsh and Babsy Grange are on another one. That would be real “bling”, in the right way,” he said highlighting key individuals in the Jamaican society, to the amusement of the audience.
Mr. Henry said that he would be spearheading an initiative to ascertain the impact that such a “simple lifestyle adjustment” would have on the society.He lauded the JUTC for its efforts in undertaking initiatives to reposition the brand in the transportation sector. He said that the Ride and Win Summer Bling promotion, offers the perfect opportunity for “Jamaicans, especially within the Kingston Metropolitan Region, which extends into St. Catherine to register their support for the bus service and their desire to see it improve and be of greater service to commuters”.
The Transport Minister also announced plans to purchase a number of new buses to add to the existing fleet and arrangements to have others repaired and refurbished. He further outlined plans for a multimodal transportation system via road and rail, as part of efforts to correct the problems in the current transportation system.
The Ride and Win Summer Bling promotion will give commuters a chance to win over $1.7 million in cash and prizes. To enter, JUTC commuters must submit any ticket valued at $50 or more, complete with their name, address, telephone number, age and the JUTC Tagline ‘Your Route to Excellence’ written on the back.
Entries may be dropped off at any of the following locations : The Half-Way Tree Transport Centre, the lay-by in Spanish Town, Pechon Street, Downtown Kingston and any selected Smart Card dealerships. The final draw will take place on September 27, 2008.

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