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Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, has indicated that he would be meeting with the Belgian delegation that is now in the island, to discuss the financing of 200 more buses, to beef up the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) fleet.
Mr. Henry, who made the disclosure at Tuesday(March 4), post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, said the offer was made prior to the arrival of the Belgian Trade and Economic Co-operation Mission, which is in the island from March 2 to 6.
The agreement will be entered into on the basis of discussions with the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, which will determine if this can be accommodated in the budget, Mr. Henry said.
Fifty Volvo buses were recently added to the JUTC fleet, with 50 more scheduled to arrive in the island next month, under an agreement with the Belgian Government, which is being facilitated through bus makers, VDL Jonckeere. The new buses are aimed at beefing up the public bus service and establishing the changing standards being adopted by the JUTC.
The Ministry will be holding discussions on related, and other matters with the Mission, as both Governments seek to establish stronger links to enhance Jamaica’s development, and strengthen the relationship between both countries. Members of the delegation, which include government and private representatives, have been meeting with a number of Ministers.
Previous areas of collaboration with the Belgian Government include the construction of the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre in Kingston.

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