JIS News

Minister of Transport and Works, Mike Henry, has said that the construction of a new bridge to replace the old Alligator Church Bridge in Portland will be a priority for the Ministry in the 2008/09 financial year.
The Minister, who was speaking in the House of Representatives on (Dec. 11), said that the National Works Agency will be putting to tender, the contract for the works, noting that the agency already had some of the parts for the bridge.
He said that an alternative route will be prepared, which the public will be asked to use during the construction phase.
“Also as customary, we will, before commencement of the works, host a community/town planning meeting through which we will invite the residents, motorist and business interests of the area to air any concerns they may have in relation to the construction of the bridge, and for us to provide relevant feedback,” Mr. Henry said.
He informed that work to replace the bridge begun in 2002, but due to failures on the part of the contractor, the contract was terminated. The project was re-tendered in 2005 but up to 2007/08, funding had not been found.
The bridge, which is more than 70 years old, has deteriorated over the years and is beyond feasible repairs.