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The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Hanover branch, is moving to assist farmers to make their activity more profitable, and empower them to meet the challenges of globalization, through a series of training sessions.
To this end, a farmers’ sensitization programme is to be carried out in the parish of Hanover during the month of May under the theme: ‘Farming as a business’, and will seek to train a minimum of 100 farmers on basic farming principles. The sessions will be conducted by resource persons drawn from various organizations across the parish and will focus on topical issues, such as money management, controlling the risks in farming and marketing farm produce, simple record-keeping, farm management and cost of production, lease and buy decisions, government in agriculture, and how supply and demand affect agricultural production.
In an interview with JIS News, Hanover JAS Parish Manager, Revinton Moseley, said that two one-day training sessions would be carried out in Logwood on May 6 and the other in Lucea on May 13.
“I believe that those who are involved in farming should be sensitized and fully exposed to issues and principles that will give them that competitive edge. They should also be aware of laws that affect them in various ways and be able to better manage their activity. Rather than taking farming as something they do in their spare time, farmers must now see farming as serious business,” Mr. Moseley said.
He pointed out that the training sessions were designed to bring the farmers to acceptable standards in farming and at the same time motivate others, especially the young people, to get involved in the sector.
“I want to encourage all farmers in these target areas to make every effort to participate in the training. Come out and learn more so as to empower yourselves to reap greater benefits from farming,” Mr. Moseley stressed.
He pointed out that all participants in the training would be presented with official certificates to prove their attendance and contribution.

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