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Come Sunday, December 4, motorists and pedestrians traversing through Half-Way-Tree should observe a noticeable reduction in congestion as a result of changes to the traffic flow and the relocation and reassignment of specific bus stops.
Speaking with journalists today (December 2), following a brief tour of the improvement works along the routes that will be affected, Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill pointed out the new bus stop assignments for Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), National Transport Co-operative Society (NTCS) and rural buses.
“On Eastwood Park Road, the bus stop near North Odeon Avenue will be removed. On North Odeon Avenue, only JUTC buses will be allowed. On Spencer James Avenue, NTCS and rural buses will be facilitated. JUTC bus stops at Spencer James Avenue will be moved to Suthermere Road, and Suthermere Road will be for JUTC buses only,” he explained.
Additionally, there will be modifications to traffic light signals at Constant Spring Road and North Odeon Avenue to facilitate a pedestrian crossing, while traffic lights will be installed at the intersections of North Odeon Avenue and Eastwood Park Road, Derrymore and Constant Spring Roads, and Parish Place and Hope Road.
“This is being done at a cost of just under $7 million, and it is money well spent. Because of the nature of the undertaking, a lot of nocturnal work is being done so that the changes can take effect on Sunday coming (December 4), as planned, and I have been advised that we are on track and within budget,” Minister Pickersgill told the journalists.
He explained that the changes would also lead to improved pedestrian safety, smoother passage of vehicular traffic, which would ultimately lead to a reduction in travel time, and a reduction in fuel consumption, which would lead to savings for motorists.
Outlining the work that has already been completed in preparation for this weekend’s traffic changes, the Minister noted that sections of Derrymore Road have been resurfaced; all civil works for the installation of traffic signals have been completed; a curb has been installed along North Odeon Avenue; a sidewalk has been reconstructed along Derrymore Road and North Odeon Avenue; medians along Constant Spring Road have been removed; and, the turning radius at Eastwood Park Road and North Odeon Avenue has been improved for ease of use by large vehicles.
Mr. Pickersgill noted, however, that some works are still to be completed before the traffic changes can take effect.
“The works remaining to be done before Sunday include the patching of medians, which were removed; electrical work for traffic signals; the installation of communication cables for traffic signals; installation of road markings and signs, and the removal of bus sheds on Eastwood Park Road,” he said.
Meanwhile, the public is advised that the National Works Agency (NWA) will test the newly installed traffic signals on Saturday, December 3.
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