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The National Works Agency (NWA) estimates that it will cost just over one and half million dollars to repair traffic signals at the Church and Harbour Street intersection in Downtown Kingston following extensive damage to the signal equipment as a result of a motor vehicle crash.

A pair of signal heads, signal pole, power service and traffic signal cables were damaged during the collision which reportedly occurred on Sunday, November 15.

The NWA has made significant progress over the last few weeks to restore a number of traffic signals that were out at critical intersections in the Corporate Area including that at Oxford Road/Belmont Road, Tom Redcam Drive/Camp Road, Marcus Garvey Drive/Ninth Avenue and Old Hope Road/Eureka Road.

The Agency continues to work on completing repairs to two locations in St. James at Creek/St. Clavers Street and St. James Street/North Paradise; Chesterfield Drive/Pacific Boulevard in Kingston as well as the Christiana Bypass in Manchester.

These signals were put out of service due to a combination of factors including power surge and flood damage.

The process to have the traffic signals at Harbour and Church Street repaired has already started. Until those repairs can be effected the NWA is reminding road users to allow the motorist who approaches the intersection first to cross as no one has the right of way.

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