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Town centres will come alive with street dances this Independence as the country celebrates it Golden Jubilee.

Acting Executive Director of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Delroy Gordon, told a recent JIS Think Tank that some 80 street dances are projected to be held across the island.

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Street dances are popular avenues of entertainment at the local level and are usually a staple of Independence celebrations.  This year, to mark Jamaica’s 50th anniversary, these dances will take on special significance. 

Mr. Gordon stated that the events being organised by the JCDC will facilitate the entire family and should not be confused with sound system dances.

"These are properly structured events, where we have, in most cases, a stage set up. We will have live performances… this is the kind of street dance where we don’t have to worry about what will be coming through the boxes," he informed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gordon said the JCDC will use the Jamaica 50 activities to unearth new talent for the performing arts programme.

"While we are having these events, we are also building our database of talents. JCDC's role is to help them to hone those talents and to improve on them, because that is really our mandate," he said.


By Jodiann Reid

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