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A group of 30 persons from five government entities are among the first group of persons to be trained to use the new system that will enable the delivery of Internal Audit Shared Services, which will commence in January 2021.

Shanalee Cawley, Project Manager for Internal Audit Shared Services in the Transformation Implementation Unit (TIU) told JIS News at the commencement of the training today (November 2) that participants are being trained to use the TeamMate+ system that will “revolutionise the way in which internal auditors carry out their activities”.

TeamMate+ is a comprehensive audit management system that helps auditors and audit department leadership streamline all aspects of the auditing process.

“It is revolutionary in the sense that they will be able to schedule their activities in a more efficient way, monitor and track all of their services that they will be offering. Also, most importantly, it will be a more collaborative approach in terms of how audits are going to be done,” said Ms. Cawley.

Internal Audit Shared Services is a component of the Shared Corporate Services initiative being implemented by the TIU to achieve greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector. It involves the consolidation of certain administrative and support functions that are performed in each ministry, department and agency.

Under the new way of conducting audits, the processes will be powered by technology and utilise a wide range of skills and expertise to provide high-quality analyses and reports.

“The Chief Audit Executives will submit the annual audit plans of their ministries, departments and agencies via TeamMate+ to the Internal Audit Shared Service Centre. From the submission of their audit plan, once all is in order, we will then have assignment of work,” said Ms. Cawley.

Internal Audit Shared Services is being rolled out on a phased basis. The Office of the Prime Minister; the Ministry of Transport and Mining, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries are in the pilot group. The HR Shared Services pilot will also begin in January 2021.

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