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    Plans are being put in place to establish a number of “time-out” facilities to accommodate disruptive students.
    This was one of several new measures outlined by the Minister of Education, Andrew Holness to tackle the growing incidence of crime and violence in schools. He was speaking at press conference held recently at the Ministry’s Heroes Circle office.
    According to Mr. Holness, his Ministry will be seeking to establish these facilities because there are some students who cannot be accommodated within the regular school system due to their behaviour.
    “The Ministry’s obligation is to provide for every single child and therefore alternative systems will have to be developed to manage these students who choose to be disruptive,” the Education Minister noted, adding that the first facility would be set up in Westmoreland.
    The Ministry currently has several programmes that cater to students with chronic maladaptive behaviours including, the Programme for Alternative Student Support, where students who are considered to be disruptive are taken out of the school system and are offered alternative support. There is also the more intense Adjustment and Social Integration Programme.
    In the meantime, the Education Minister encouraged principals to be more proactive in identifying potential security concerns and address them before they emerge.
    “Violence doesn’t come by surprise; there are always indicators. Our school leaders need to be trained in identifying the precursor to crises and we are committed and will be assisting them to do so,” Minister Holness assured.

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