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On Wednesday Jan 25, 2006, Prime Minister Patterson told the Diplomatic community that the time had come for Jamaica to intensify the dialogue about the financing of political parties. He made the comments as he delivered his last speech to the Diplomatic Corps in observance of Diplomatic Week.

Mr. Patterson said that the Government was in the process of introducing the Proceeds of Crime Act, amending the Public Bodies (Management and Accountability) Act and reviewing the powers of the Public Service Commission which would enhance the Government’s fight against corruption. He described the several anti-corruption initiatives of his Government as a “critical linchpin” in the quest to improve the quality of life of the Jamaican people through good governance.

According to the Prime Minister “the economic, social and physical transformation of Jamaica. required that the institutions of the State be strengthened and modernized. He said that the Government had insisted on competitive tendering and transparency. He said that no other Government had developed so many policies, drafted/amended so many pieces of legislation and established so many oversight bodies to achieve a more open, transparent, accountable and responsive Government.

Among the anti-corruption initiatives that the Prime Minister mentioned are the Access to Information Act, the Corruption Prevention Act, amendments to the Contractor General’s Act, the establishment of the National Contracts Commission, electoral reform, the strengthening of the Auditor General’s Office and a Code of Conduct for Ministers of Government.

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