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The Tax Administration Services Department (TASD) is reminding motorists, who are ticketed for traffic offences, that they have the option to pay the relevant fines online by visiting the Tax Administration’s website at www.jamaicatax-online.gov.jm.
Speaking with JIS News, Director of Public Relations at the TASD, Meris Haughton explained that persons who opted to make their payments online could do so using any valid international credit card, including Visa, MasterCard and KeyCard.
Outlining the payment process, Miss Haughton noted that individuals paying online would need to enter their username and a password. Persons using the system for the first time would need to create a username and a password, after which they should select the option: ‘Pay a traffic ticket online’.
“They would then enter the relevant information from the traffic ticket such as the traffic offence code, as well as the name that is on the traffic ticket,” she continued.
Additionally, “once they have entered this information, they would confirm what they have entered and then select the option, ‘Add to today’s tax total.’ They would then pay the ticket by entering their credit card number,” she pointed out.
Miss Haughton said that as soon as the payment is made, motorists would be issued a reference number which would serve as their receipt.
“The reference number would be generated from the online payment system once the payment is completed. This number should be kept for your personal records,” she reiterated.
As is the case with the payment of traffic fines made at the collectorate, paying traffic fines online has to be done within 21 days of receipt of the ticket. Road traffic offenders who fail to make their payments within the time specified will have to attend court.
The TASD introduced the payment portal in 2005 as a convenient option for paying traffic tickets, property tax, consumption taxes (general consumption tax and special consumption tax), betting taxes, hotel taxes, as well as trade licence and gas station fees.
Persons who need additional information on how to make their payments online may call the Tax Helpline’s toll free number, 1-888-Tax-Help (1-888-829-4357).

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