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A three-point anti-crime strategy focused on public education, increased police presence and improved investigative capacity is being undertaken by the St. Elizabeth police.

New Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in charge of the parish, Narda Simms, said that the crime-fighting plan is being primarily employed in the towns “that mostly give us some challenges”, namely Black River, Santa Cruz and Junction.

“We are having an education campaign, which we started June 10. That is to inform residents, especially the vulnerable, of security tips that can help them.

“This is especially for our returning residents and elderly, who tend to be victims,” she noted, while addressing the monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation in Black River on June 11.

She said there is increased presence of the police in the towns and “a refocus of our investigative capacity to clear up cases”.

DSP Simms, who took command of the parish on June 1, noted that police personnel have been visiting the various towns and communities to meet with residents “and get feedback as to what we can do better to get the parish to the state of safety that we want”.

“We want to reassure the people of St. Elizabeth that we are capable and ready to provide the kind of service as it relates to security,” she said.

She is calling on the residents to work closely with the police to rid the parish of criminal elements.

“The strategies put in place require the support of every member of the parish. We have been appealing to the residents and business community to tell us what you see or know, so that we can provide the kind of service necessary,” she said.

“I am depending on each and every one of you here to join me as we work to make St. Elizabeth the best parish to live, work, raise families and do business,” she added.

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