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For their contribution to the parish of Clarendon and the country in general, three persons, one posthumously, were honoured on National Heroes Day (October 20), at a civic ceremony, held on the grounds of the May Pen Court House.
Those recognised were: Hemsley ‘Bookie’ Johnston, Minnie ‘Miss Minnie’ Clarke and Dr. Abnar Wright.
The award to Dr. Wright was given posthumously, and was accepted by his son, Dr. Edward Wright. Member of Parliament for South West Clarendon, Noel Arscott, accepted the award on behalf of Miss Clarke, who was unable to attend.
National Reading Champion, Shamoy Card; Reading Champion for Clarendon, Ainseannlea Campbell; and National Reading Champion Runner-up, Patricia Parke, read the citations.
Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, in his message, read by Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, said that “we observe National Heroes Day to honour the memory of our National Heroes and to reflect on where we are coming from, how far we have come, and those extraordinary Jamaicans who made it possible.”
Mr. Golding added that as, “we honour our National Heroes, we also marvel at their indomitable spirit. We cherish the vision that inspired their extraordinary deeds. We celebrate what they enabled us to accomplish.”
He stressed that the deeds of the National Heroes to achieve freedom and equality, must never be taken for granted, as there are countries today, that are still struggling to achieve freedom and equality.
“The fight for freedom has long been won. Political power and political independence have been secured. But our journey has not ended. We must strive to make our country a land of peace, where love, tolerance and respect define our relationship with each other. We must find within ourselves the spirit of Nanny, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle, George William Gordon, Marcus Garvey, Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley, so that we can create a new horizon of peace and prosperity for all the people of this land,” the Prime Minister said.
The function also featured messages from the Governor-General and Leader of the Opposition; tributes to the National Heroes; a guest performance by the Hertford Cultural Group; and a tribute in poetry to poet, Claude McKay, by Claude McKay High School.
The function was organised by the Clarendon Parish Council, in collaboration with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC).