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The Ministry of Education intends to table three Bills in Parliament as part of the Government’s legislative programme for 2012/13.

These are: the National Parenting Support Commission Bill, 2012; the Tertiary Commission Bill 2012; and the Jamaica Teaching Council Bill (JTC), 2012.

Portfolio Minister Rev. Ronald Thwaites, who made the disclosure during his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 19, said it is hoped that the JTC Bill, will be tabled this year.

“The details of that Bill have been fairly well set out and it is part of a new covenant between the teaching profession and the state,” Rev. Thwaites said.

The proposed legislation will provide for the setting up of a body to govern the teaching profession and put a regime in place for the licensing and registration of all government paid teachers.

It also gives legal powers to the Council to immediately suspend and cancel the registration of a teacher if that teacher is charged for what is deemed a disqualifying offence, which includes sexual offences, murder, pornography, robbery and fraud.


By Latonya Linton, JIS Reporter

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