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The National Works Agency (NWA) is announcing that the Stettin, Trelawny roadway, which forms part of the North South Link, has been impacted by a major breakaway. This has resulted in the affected section of the roadway being reduced to single lane access.

The Stettin to Highgate Hall roadway facilitates travel between Manchester and Trelawny and links several communities in Southern Trelawny.

Consequently, Community Relations Officer for the NWA’s Western Region, Janel Ricketts, says that vehicular access is now restricted to small units, and operators of large vehicles should not attempt to access the affected section of the roadway.

Operators of large units, travelling towards the direction of Highgate Hall, should instead use the alternate route via Troy and Craig Head.

In the meantime, the NWA is advising motorists to exercise due care in traversing the Wire Fence to Warsop corridor, as a section of the roadway, in the vicinity of the Carterwood community, has sunken and may prove challenging for some motorists.

The NWA continues to monitor these roadways, as the parish continues to be impacted by heavy rainfall.


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